Reliant Park

Over the years, Pieper has worked with both Manhattan Construction and SMG, Reliant Park’s management company, to keep Reliant Park in tip-top shape. A facility that sees hundreds of thousands of people needs to look its best and constantly be updated, whether it’s the practice bubble, interior or exterior of the stadium, inside the center or arena, the fountains or the plazas and parking lots.

With such a large facility to maintain, Pieper Special Projects and Service Account Manager visits Reliant Park every couple of weeks to maintain it. We regularly perform power quality analyses to check on the electrical systems, and we also carefully inspect all of the electrical equipment. For example, when the old fountain and outside lighting in Carruth Plaza outside of the Astrodome started to corrode, we replaced and updated it. We also performed all of the electrical repairs to the hurricane-damaged Reliant Stadium.

We did the electrical work for the Director’s Club build out on the seventh floor of Reliant Stadium, and we work with Aramark, which takes care of concessions, to ensure they have the power needed in their concession rooms to keep everyone fed and happy.

We completed lighting upgrades for the 2017 Super Bowl, which we were very excited about.