Hewlett Packard

Pieper and Hewlett-Packard have built a solid and successful relationship over the 24+ years we have worked together. HP’s Houston office is continually expanding, remodeling and evolving, and Pieper has been there to help HP every step of the way.

In fact, Pieper has handled 95% of HP’s Houston manufacturing facilities. Pieper has also installed and maintained much of the electrical infrastructure, as well as wired many interior office build outs and remodels.

Pieper’s commitment to quick and reliable service is evident through the permanent staff of 4-10 that stay on HP’s Houston site to ensure HP is always up and running.

The most recent contract for HP consisted of completely wiring a new testing facility and installing a one-megawatt generator for the standalone building. Under short time constraints, Pieper finished the project in just three months, allowing HP to get a jump start on testing new technologies and to put the company’s products on the market.

“I have found their abilities to handle difficult projects on challenging time schedules exceptional. As witnessed by our 18+ year relationship, I have found them to be trustworthy and loyal to my goals and in producing work.”
Robert D. Milam III