Alcon manufactures eye care products at its facility located just south of Reliant Park. For more than 15 years, Pieper has stopped by the facility about once a week to provide maintenance services. As Alcon’s preferred electrical contractor, we do a little bit of everything, from installing energy-saving lighting updates, to changing lamps and ballasts in parking lot pole lights and throughout their building, and adding circuits and outlets throughout the facility.

Pieper does a lot of work inside Alcon’s three clean rooms, which require us to wear gowns and be exceptionally clean and precise. The clean rooms are Alcon’s “bread and butter,” according to Pieper Special Projects and Service Account Manager David Galindo, “where they make all of their products, so they have strict policies we must follow, and it requires an extra level of care.”

We also installed a complex conveyor system from Japan, which took quite a bit of consulting with the manufacturer’s engineers. Currently, we’re working on a build-out in Alcon’s annex building, where a molding lab and a clean room are being built.