Power Quality Analysis

Improve your electrical system’s performance with a Power Quality Analysis from Pieper’s trained and certified technicians. With state-of-the-art technologies such as power quality meters and thermal imaging, we ensure your system is running safely and efficiently.

Lower Your Electric Bill

Found on your monthly statement or by calling your provider, the power factor is the difference between the available power and how much you actually use. Power companies often charge for all the energy running through your power lines, instead of only the power your building uses. Pieper’s technicians can install capacitor banks, which reduce your power factor and ultimately lower your bill.

Power Quality Check-Up

How much power does your electrical system use? It could be using unnecessary power, costing you money, or running over capacity, potentially causing shortages or blackouts. Pieper’s power quality meters check your electrical system and ensure all essential functions and capabilities are operating efficiently and to standard. Our power quality meters allow us to perform: harmonics testing, grounds testing, phase rotation testing and electrical consumption recording. Pieper’s ability to record the power data at your facility allows us to identify and record your building’s surges, sags, voltage and amperage usage, pinpointing a problem to a specific piece of equipment.

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