In our 22,000 sq. ft. prefab shop, we have an entire department dedicated to expediting installation time and lowering costs by prefabricating and preassembling a variety of electrical components.

Reduced Labor Costs

For many jobs, labor accounts for more than 50% of total cost of construction, and prefabricated components offer an effective way to reduce labor costs. By working in a secure, controlled environment, the number of distractions, work stoppages and safety risks decrease, while efficiency increases. With tools and materials at hand, the prefab shop allows Pieper to streamline manufacturing methods and production, earning savings on labor costs.

Shortened Job Duration

A successful prefabrication effort starts with a thorough planning process before a project even begins. The project foreman, BIM AutoCAD operator, project manager and prefabrication foreman study the drawings and design assemblies specifically for that project. Key components of the electrical system are then fabricated in the prefab shop ahead of schedule and shipped to the job site for installation on an as-needed basis, thus reducing stored materials on site. Prefabrication at the Pieper facility is rarely impacted by weather conditions that would normally affect construction projects.

Increased Quality of Work

Quality control of components that are assembled in the prefabrication department has a positive impact on the overall quality of the electrical installation. With a limited number of employees assembling the products, supervision is much easier to perform in the shop environment.

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