The Inner Workings of Construction Sites

Construction jobsites are active and dangerous places, filled with various craftsmen working on a myriad of tasks, each attempting to be productive while coordinating their efforts efficiently and safely with all other craftsmen involved. It’s a lot to say grace over.

Assuming the role of conductor for the construction site is the general contractor. The mark of a true professional depends on his ability to effectively organize the project schedule for all craftsmen. This involves determining the best agenda to complete each task safely, and such a feat takes careful coordination and dedicated planning. This is the type of contractor Pieper endeavors to work with.

Building a solid, workable project schedule requires input from all disciplines. The general contractor holds a pre-planning strategy meeting where all craftsmen work together to formulate a feasible project schedule, where they solidify time commitments and goals. Once agreed upon, each trade is held accountable to the objectives set in the meeting. When one part of the project isn’t completed on time, the project schedule suffers and all other craftsmen incur a loss.

Weekly onsite project meetings help prevent these setbacks from happening. When these meetings are managed in a way that respects each trade and focuses on the common goal, a natural camaraderie develops between craftsmen. Instead of competing for their time on the job, each trade contributes to the bigger picture. The project flows smoothly, the general contractor completes the job on time or ahead of schedule, the craftsmen take pride in their work and the owner receives a well-constructed project. Everyone wins.

At Pieper, this is what we strive for. We partner with organized, professional general contractors and skilled craftsmen. Doing so allows us to deliver exceptional work that is performed on schedule. In short, we team up with the best to give you the best.