The Bright Impact of Lighting

When you walk inside a historic church, how does the lighting affect your impression of the space? How does that experience compare to when you walk into an office building or a school?

Notice how the right or wrong lighting can change your experience or mood. Research has shown that the right lighting can improve people’s health and overall performance, particularly in the workplace. A quality light program can boost performance, reduce fatigue and eyestrain and propel your business’ opportunity for success.

Using new technologies to create energy-efficient lighting systems can not only increase productivity, but can also help your business save through lower building operating costs. Did you know that lighting accounts for approximately 40% of electricity use in commercial buildings?

That’s why a simple change in the type of lights can make a big difference. Fluorescent lamps use 25 – 35% of the energy used by incandescent lamps to provide the same amount of illumination, while high intensity discharge (HID) lamps use only 10 – 25% of the lighting energy of the incandescent lamps they replace.

Consider replacing outdated items in your electrical system with newer, more energy-efficient equipment to realize greater savings on your energy bill. Need help determining where to start? Schedule a service call with one of our experienced technicians. We’ll happily review your electrical system and discuss options to improve it.