The Better Step: Preventative Maintenance

Just like skipping your annual physical, it can be tempting to not call your electrician until a problem arises. However, that approach, called reactive maintenance, isn’t always the best course of action. A strong preventative maintenance program can save money by reducing the number of equipment failures you face and keeping your facilities running at optimal levels. It can also help keep costs within budget by allowing property managers and engineers to better anticipate and schedule any needed updates or replacements.
Reactive Maintenance

  • Lower initial cost
  • Lower employee cost


  • Increased cost due to unexpected downtime
  • Higher labor costs, especially if overtime is required
  • Unexpected manufacturing and shipping fees
  • Back-up equipment becomes stressed
  • Unhappy tenants

Preventative Maintenance

  • Cost-effective in capital-intensive processes and equipment
  • Maximizes life of equipment and electrical system
  • Energy savings as equipment runs at optimum levels
  • Reduces equipment and/or process failures
  • Improved efficiency, due to scheduled downtime
  • Long term savings over reactive methods


  • Risk of catastrophic failures reduced but not eliminated
  • Labor intensive
  • Initial higher cost

Keep your building running efficiently with preventative maintenance from Pieper’s service department. We maintain a range of facilities from stadiums, like NRG Park, to industrial facilities, like Alcon. During a maintenance check-up, we’ll come on site, assess the building and make recommendations on how to improve the electrical system. Because as always, Pieper is with you every step of the way.