Staying Grounded: The Importance of Safeguarding Your Circuits

If you’re planning on rearranging, relocating or purchasing new machines or electronics, do you have plans in place to ensure your equipment is properly grounded? Without professional grounding, dangerous shock hazards exist that could electrocute employees, cause damage to sensitive electronics or produce showers of sparks around flammable products.

Protect your business from stray voltage by hiring a licensed electrical contractor to upgrade outlets, replace ground rods or install new circuit breakers. To Pieper’s seasoned electrical technicians, grounding and bonding is a routine task for any electrical project, large or small. Our team has a keen understanding of National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements and believes that safety always comes first.

As your business or organization evolves over time, your electrical system needs to evolve with it. If you’re moving or remodeling, call Pieper today for all your machine and electrical ground maintenance needs.