Stay Safe during Storm Season

Storm season is well under way in the Houston area. Rain and lightning alike have crashed down upon the city, increasing the risk of electrical fires due to downed trees and wires. While last year’s drought has made us grateful for the rain, these powerful storms are not welcome news for your business.

Learning to recognize possible risks during and after a storm can significantly reduce the possibility of an electrical event at your business. We encourage you to read and share the following warning signs and safety tips with your employees to protect your facilities from preventable electric damage.

Reduce Electrical Fires with tips from the National Fire Protection Association

  • Recurring blown fuses or tripped circuits are indicators of electrical problems, and need to be inspected by a qualified electrician before the fuse is replaced or the breaker reset.
  • Getting a shock or tingling sensation when touching an appliance indicates a serious underlying issue. Unplug it immediately and discontinue use.
  • Outlets that appear discolored, warm or are sparking indicate the possibility of loose terminations or compromised connections and should be checked.
  • An overheating or malfunction appliance will often release a burning smell. Unplug it immediately or shut off the circuit breaker.
  • Lights that regularly flicker or dim are indicators of a dangerous underlying issues, such as loose connections or defective components, and need to be inspected to determine the reason.

If you experience any of these issues in your office or facility, it’s vital that you contact a licensed electrician immediately to avoid an electrical fire. Pieper has an emergency staff on call 24/7 that can conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your system after an outage, and even perform a thermal infrared inspection to quickly diagnose all areas that may be compromised.

Let us help keep your company safe this summer. Call Pieper today to schedule an electrical checkup to make sure your building will be ready for a storm.