Sound the Alarm: Causes of Fires in Commercial Buildings

As a concerned business owner, you continually evaluate the safety of your workplace and how to improve upon it. You often do not consider electrical systems, which have become safer and more dependable as a result of strict building codes, advanced technology, solid system design, professional installation and regular maintenance.

Still, electrical fires remain one of the biggest hidden dangers to a safe work environment. In fact, they continually rank in the top five causes of commercial building fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Though electrical appliances or systems can start a commercial fire, people are often to blame. Untrained and unknowledgeable individuals try to modify the equipment, committing electrical code violations and compromising the system. Misusing or overloading your electrical system can also cause fires.

Don’t wait for the fire marshall to tell you about potential electrical issues. Have a qualified electrician regularly examine your building. Tampering with your electrical system can be dangerous, so make sure only trained, professional electricians perform routine inspections.

Pieper can help avoid such electrical hazards. Our state-of-the-art monitoring and recording equipment can help analyze the electrical system of your building (whether during a remodeling project or a maintenance check-up) so that we can catch potential issues and monitor your electrical system’s efficiency.