Preventative Maintenance is the Cure

With many people on vacation and buildings emptier in the summer and towards the end of the year, those are the perfect times to give your building a preventative maintenance check-up, complete with an infrared electrical inspection.

Infrared inspections are specifically designed to identify potential problems before they happen so that precautionary measures can be taken. Infrared technology enables thermographers the ability to see, measure and record temperatures on defective parts, as well as the usual wear, chemical contamination, corrosion, fatigue and faulty assembly that occurs in many electrical systems.

Thermal imaging is like an X-ray for your electrical system; it detects if there is heat being emitted from poor terminations and excessive loads. A check-up can help reduce repair costs and decrease lost production time that would result during unexpected downtime.

Give your building a healthy glow by scheduling a visit from our licensed electricians.