Plan Ahead with Prefabrication

We have all seen the changes occurring in the construction marketplace. For years, we have watched as projects have increased in complexity and schedules have been compressed — all while fewer craftsmen enter the workplace and the margins shrink.

Prefabrication can help meet these demands. Many components of the electrical system can be fabricated off-site and shipped to the jobsite for installation. This process has led to a proven increase in quality and project planning; you cannot initiate a successful prefabrication effort without a through planning process on the front side.

Simple labor intensive items can be quickly assembled off-site in a controlled environment and planned into the job site work planning. Examples of items include fixture tails, device rough-ins, pre-assembly of transformers, home runs wire assemblies, drop links for VAV boxes and associated rack, mounts and carriers. We have even prefabricated entire underground conduit duct banks.

On a seven-story hotel, we were able to build in our factory the entire electrical rooms, complete with all racks and transformers and crane them into place as each floor was put in place. Repetitive-type buildings such as hospital head walls and hotel rooms are a perfect fit for prefabrication. The key is that the mock-up of the room must be built early enough to allow for the planning.

Prefabrication is a process; it takes a committed effort from the project foreman, Joe T, our BIM AutoCAD operator, the project manager and Dwain, our prefabrication foreman. We’re dedicated to working together to complete your project correctly and on time.