Get Current on Safety Standards in a Flash: Understanding OSHA regulations and the NFPA Standard 70E

Arc Flash Analysis. It’s not a test to see if you can figure out what makes the superhero, The Flash, so cool and how he saves lives. But it is a test that has recently fallen under a new standard to better ensure our safety.

No matter if you own, built or just work in an office building, following safety regulations is crucial to keeping everyone safe, allowing everyone to do their jobs successfully. Awareness of potential hazards so that you can take preventative measures involves staying informed about new standards.

Our very own Director of Safety recently wrote an article detailing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) recognition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Standard. Falling under OSHA’s General Duty Clause, the ruling requires companies to conduct an Arc Flash Analysis on all electrical panels. The NFPA 70E sets out mandatory guidelines to further ensure the safety of employees.

To learn more about this new standard and how you can make sure your building is in compliance, click here.

Pieper is here not only to keep you one step ahead in your understanding of national safety standards, but also to work with you to ensure your success in a flash. At Pieper, safety is a top priority. Our safety record has proven to lower insurance costs, providing savings for you as well as giving you peace of mind after each work day finishes accident-free.