Dinosaurs and Incandescent Lamps – A Page in History

You might have heard the discussion about the outlawing of incandescent lamps. Well, the truth is something a little different: The lamps are being phased out, not outlawed.

The lamps affected are Type A-style (common pear-shaped lamps) in the 40, 60, 75 and 100 watt. The phase out covers the years 2012 – 2014, starting with the 100-watt, A-shaped lamp in 2012.

The process is accomplished by setting an efficiency standard for lamps that these common-type lamps can’t meet. The new standard has also established a color rendering index (CRI) and minimum life ratings (lamp life). Special purpose lamps such as vibration service, shatter-resistant, 3-way and 150-watt 2601-3300 lumen bulbs are not affected. The new regulation does not affect colored theatrical and many other special lamps either.

Incandescent lamps have been regulated by the federal government since 1992. Nine states and the District of Columbia have had laws since 2006 regarding lamp types BR, ER and R. These are the reflector bulbs commonly used in recessed downlight fixtures. These lamps should be replaced with the types PAR Halogen, compact fluorescent, of LED-style lamps.

You will find that lamp life is substantially longer and energy savings are huge. While the initial investment of retrofitting your facility with new generation lamps may seem daunting, the return on the investment is well worth the capital outlay.