Are You Paying Too Much for Power?

Think of a stream of energy like a stream of water. Now, imagine a water wheel in that stream. The water pushing the wheel does the work. That’s real power. The rest of the water in the stream is the reactive power. The difference between the two is called power factor — and it can greatly affect your electric bill.

Now what does that have to do with your power bill? Well, just like the water wheel, the real power does the work (meaning it’s the power you actually use) and the reactive power helps move the energy through your power lines.

Unfortunately, power companies often charge you for all the energy running through your power lines, even though your home or office is only using some of it. This is especially the case if you have a poor power factor.

Using Power Factor Correction, however, Pieper can help you reduce your power bill. Ask your utility provider what the power factor is on your service. They will fax, email or mail you that information or it may be right on your monthly invoice. Pieper can help you look at the payback for installing an automatic power factor correction unit to your distribution system.